The Portland Music Foundation exists  to organize, nurture, and promote the unique and emerging music industry of Portland, Maine.  We are an all-volunteer organization of some of the city's top music industry leaders. We aim to cultivate Portland's music industry as a viable economic engine by providing musicians, music businesses and music FANS with information, resources and opportunities for growth and independence.

The PMF is bringing together musicians, businesses, government and FANS to place Portland's music industry firmly on the road to success. At our core the PMF believes that Portland has the unique potential to be one of our country's great music cities and if properly supported, music can make a substantial contribution to growing the city's economy.

We serve musicians through music business related educational programs, networking events, live performance & publishing opportunities and by gathering & distributing resources that individual musicians might not otherwise have access to.

We serve music related businesses by promoting the Portland music industry's potential to be one of the strongest economic engines in the city. We act as an information clearinghouse to help music related businesses grow locally & nationally while fostering the important symbiotic relationship these businesses have with local musicians.  

We serve Portland! To brand our city more than lobsters & lighthouses.  We aim to increase city & state support of our music industry, and protect our industry from neglect or haphazard regulation.  Portland will be a destination music city for musicians, music related businesses and FANS.